Expressway Corporation defeated leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the home and escaped from a losing streak.

Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass, led by coach Kim Jong-min, scored a set score of 3-1 (25-21,25-17,19-) in the home game against Hyundai E&C Hillstate in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 24th. 25,25-20) won. On the 17th and 21st, Korea Expressway Corporation, which suffered 0-3 defeats against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Altos and Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders, won 3 points from leader Hyundai E&C and regained the 3rd place alone with an escape from losing streak (12 11 wins).

For Korea Expressway Corporation, Catherine Bell, a foreign player, scored 19 points with a share of 34.87%, and Jung-ah Park, “Clutch Park”, scored 15 points with a share of 32.89%, splitting the attack. On the day of the road construction, ‘Ssangpo’ Catbell and Park Jung-ah only had 35.85% and 30% attack success rate, respectively, and the team’s attack success rate was 35.53%, falling behind Hyundai Engineering & Construction (38.85%). Nevertheless, the secret to Korea Expressway Corporation’s victory is that it overwhelms Hyundai Engineering & Construction (45.35%) with 62.67% in receiving efficiency, which is the basis of volleyball.

The only team capable of a ‘two-man receiving system’

Subreceive is the basis of all play in volleyball, and it is a play that everyone from professional leaders to youth leaders consider important. In fact, it is rare for a coach to get angry when an offense is blocked by the opponent’s blocking or defense, or when a target hit serve aimed at a specific player misses and a mistake is made. However, when the serve-receive shakes and gives the opponent the flow of the game, the manager always hears the manager’s disapproval during the operation time.

As such, the sub-receive is called the most important factor in volleyball, and each club makes a lot of effort to stabilize the sub-receive, but there are not many clubs that lead the game with a stable sub-receive throughout the season. In fact, among the seven women’s clubs, only one team out of the seven women’s clubs has an average receiving efficiency of over 40%. And that one team is the road construction that boasts an overwhelming receiving efficiency of 48.90%.

In fact, Korea Expressway Corporation is the only team among the seven women’s clubs to use the ‘two-man receiving system’. Not only foreign players Katarina Jovic and Cat Bell, but also Park Jung-ah, a native strongman who specializes in offense, is virtually exempt from receiving except for balls flying in front of her. In modern volleyball, where the ever-changing target serve flies, the secret to Korea Expressway Corporation being able to stick to the two-man receive system for several years is because Expressway Corporation has two “receive masters,” Im Myung-ok Libero and Moon Jeong-won.

Lim Myung-ok, who joined KT&G Ariels with the third overall pick in the rookie draft in the first year of the pro, worked as an outside hitter until the 2006-2007 season before turning to the libero after Choi Kwang-hee’s retirement. Lim Myung-ok, who reigned as the league’s top libero after receiving the defensive award twice even after converting to Libero, transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation in May 2015 through a trade with Kim Hae-ran Libero (Heungkuk Life Insurance). It was a trade that shocked fans as well as the people involved, but Im Myung-ok was not shaken.

Im Myung-ok Libero showed consistent skills even after wearing the Korea Expressway Corporation uniform and led the Expressway Corporation’s combined victory in the 2017-2018 season, and was selected as the best 7 in the Libero category for three consecutive seasons from the 2019-2020 season to the 2021-2022 season. In fact, Im Myung-ok Libero boasted such outstanding skills that his receiving efficiency never fell below 50% for 8 consecutive seasons from the 2015-2016 season when he transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation to this season. 온라인바카라

1st and 2nd place in receive Im Myung-ok and Moon Jeong-won teamed up

The secret to the 36-year-old veteran Lim Myung-ok libero’s stable play every season is that he has the best defensive partner named Moon Jeong-won next to him. Moon Jeong-won, a short left-handed apologetic spiker with a height of only 174cm, bet on ‘serve and defend’ to survive in the gap between foreign players. Since the 2014-2015 season, which was the 4th professional season, Moon Jeong-won, who has been active as a main player, has made his competitive edge through excellent defense.

Because of his height, it is difficult for Moon Jeong-won to take a lot of offensive share, and in fact, every season, Jeon Sae-yan and other talented junior players threaten his starting position. However, coach Kim Jong-min puts Moon Jeong-won, who boasts a stable defense, as the starting pitcher along with Im Myung-ok libero in order to maximize the power of the double cannon leading to foreign players and Park Jung-ah in important matches. This is the secret to Moon Jeong-won’s standing in the road construction industry over the past few years.

Libero Lim Myung-ok and Jung-Won Moon are ranked at the top of the receiving category every season, but this season they occupy a more unique position. Im Myung-ok Libero is the only player in the league with a receiving efficiency of over 60% (62.92%), leading the receiving category for four consecutive seasons. Moon Jung-won, who is the only player in the league to try more than 600 receives, also ranks second in this category following Im Myung-ok Libero with a high receiving efficiency of 55.11%.

The Hyundai E&C exhibition on the 24th was a game where the true value of the two receiving masters that Korea Expressway Corporation is proud of can be properly confirmed. Im Myung-ok Libero, who tried 24 receives and sent 16 of them correctly over the head of setter Lee Yoon-jung, recorded a receiving efficiency of 66.67%. Moon Jeong-won, who was in charge of 32 receives and recorded a 42.67% share of the receive, also recorded a high efficiency of 75%. The two players combined 42 in the dig and showed a perfect performance in defense.

Some criticize that the fact that Lim Myung-ok, who specializes in defense, and Moon Jeong-won, who are specialized in defense, play as starting pitchers at the same time is an inefficient player development that causes aggravation of offense. However, one of the best ways to lead a stable game in the current player composition of the Korea Highway Corporation is to stabilize the receive by simultaneously injecting Im Myung-ok Libero and Moon Jeong-won. This is because in volleyball, if the sub-receive is shaken, you can never expect good performance and results.

There are ‘receive masters’ in the road construction, two of them!

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