Three teams compete for the last spot. 슬롯사이트

A professional basketball season in which each team plays 54 games is coming to an end. There is a slight difference, but all teams are on the verge of digesting 40 games. In the midst of fierce ranking battles going on regardless of top or bottom ranks, the battle for 6th place in the ‘Playoffs (PO) Maginot Line’, which is no less competitive for championships, is interesting. Jeonju KCC, Suwon KT, and Wonju DB are huddled together to predict a blood battle.

As of the 7th, 6th place is KCC (17 wins, 20 losses). After a sluggish early season, KCC gained momentum at the end of the first half and entered the All-Star Break with a record of 16-15 and a win-loss margin of +1. However, after that, they suddenly entered the losing streak tunnel and lost 5 games. When Lee Seung-hyun, the main player behind the goal, had an elbow injury, KCC hurriedly traded with Carrot to bring in Lee Jong-hyun to fill the height. As a result, it succeeded in reversing with the splendid achievement of catching second place LG. With this momentum, if they keep their current position until the end of the 5th round, KCC will be able to gain strength at the end with Lee Seung-hyun, who will return.

7th place is KT (17 wins, 22 losses). KT, which suffered a decline due to the absence of national team ace guard Heo Hoon due to military service and the sluggish performance of the foreign duo Landry Eunnoko-Jayi Anoshike, had fun with a replacement card for all foreign players. With Jarrod Jones-Lester Prosper, who joined in the middle of the third round, at one time it seemed to be starting with a six-game winning streak. However, after that, it slowed down again to 4 wins and 7 losses. It’s a pity that KCC couldn’t make a twist when it was at a loss. Ha Yoon-ki, who has grown rapidly despite his two-year absence, and Yang Hong-seok, who has scored double-digit points in the last six games, must overcome adversity.

The 8th place DB (16-22) is aiming for the top spot. After former head coach Lee Sang-beom voluntarily resigned due to poor performance and health in January, he gradually found stability under acting coach Kim Joo-seong. Acting Kim started off with a victory in his acting debut match, and then ran a 4-game winning streak, raising expectations. This is the result of focusing on defense by increasing the frequency of operation of the ‘Big 3’ leading to foreign players – Kang Sang-jae – Kim Jong-gyu.

DB, riding the flow, tried to gain additional momentum by recruiting Malcolm Thomas instead of Dewan Hernandez, which had ups and downs, but Thomas failed to show the expected performance and the momentum was dampened by the recent two consecutive losses. It is a DB that desperately needs a reversal to recapture 6th place.

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