Neymar’s move to Manchester United has been confirmed as unlikely for now. 토토사이트

French publication L’Equipe reported on the 23rd (KST), “Neymar could go to Manchester United this summer. He is close to the club and has started negotiations.” The observation was that if the acquisition of Manchester United is completed, a large amount of capital will come to the club, and in the process, the club may sign superstar Neymar to open a new era.

Neymar emerged from Santos as Brazil’s biggest star, touted as the second coming of Pele. At Barcelona, he proved himself to be just that. He teamed up with Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi to win the Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UCL, and many other trophies. Despite his success at Barcelona, he was overshadowed by Messi. Neymar wanted to be king, so he went to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The transfer fee alone was €220 million (approximately $324.6 billion). It was Neymar’s buyout clause, which was considered virtually impossible to pay. But PSG paid it. Six years after the transfer took place in 2017, it’s still the highest transfer fee of all time. With Neymar, PSG’s reputation was elevated and the marketing return was significant. Neymar thrilled PSG fans with his performances every time he appeared.

But he was missing when it mattered. The UCL trophy was what PSG wanted most, but every time they had a big tournament match, Neymar was injured. In the 2019-20 season, he seemed to give PSG what they wanted, playing all the way to the final, only to be knocked out by Bayern Munich. He was then linked with a move away, but chose to stay with PSG. After re-signing, the injury problems continued. PSG fans lost patience with the player as he was often out of action.

His credibility diminished as he started to generate rumors. By 2023, PSG’s performance had deteriorated to the point where fans were unhappy with key players. Frustration was directed at Lionel Messi, who traveled to Saudi Arabia without club permission, and Neymar, who was underperforming despite his record transfer fee and high weekly salary. Some fans even showed up at Neymar’s home, shouting abuse and demanding a transfer.

Many believe he will part ways with PSG this summer. If Neymar does decide to leave PSG, there are only so many teams he can go to. There are only a handful of clubs that can afford Neymar’s transfer fee and salary. That’s why Man Utd, with its huge capital, is the most likely destination.

Fabrizio Romano, a highly respected journalist who works for the British newspaper The Guardian, denied Neymar’s move to United. “Contrary to what a French outlet reported, Neymar is not in talks with United. A United source denies the report. If there is a change of ownership, the situation could be different, but in the current system there is no intention to sign Neymar.”

“PSG are pushing for Neymar’s transfer internally,” the source added.

Tier 1 journalist, “Neymar to Man Utd? NO!…we’re not signing him”

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