When hearing the word “gambling”, many shudder, others cringe, and others offer faces of disgust. This is the feeling that gambling gives people who know nothing about it. These people usually wager weekly on the lotto, not knowing that the lotto is also deemed as gambling. Funny but true.

Human nature and human psychology are the foundations of humanity, however, as human beings, the unknown scares us, and we use cringing as a form of avoidance or how to deal with things that are foreign to us. Today, we break the chain, and the taboo surrounding gambling, by acknowledging it for what it truly is: fun; so don’t forget to check those USA casinos that accept UK players to understand that online gambling is not destructive if done well.

How Gambling has changed through time
We read about the primitive forms of gambling, and we chuckle. The move to land-based and then online made gambling available at arms reach, and today’s technological innovations are leaping the gambling world in the right direction. Gone are the days when you physically had to be at the casino to gamble, and gone are the days when you needed to head over to the races or the corner shop to place a sports bet. Today’s world is online, but some facts about gambling are still rogue territory to many, so let’s have a look.

Lockdowns brought more online play

We can all agree that 2020 and 2021 were years we’d like to forget. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sporting events were cancelled, and land-based casinos were closed. Did you know what gamblers did? And do you know what sports enthusiasts did during lockdown periods?

Land-based punters moved online and discovered the fun that online casino sites offer. Many signed up, played and still enjoy online gambling. Punters who enjoyed sports betting were also in for a good threat, as the world of esports was bestowed upon them, with many online tournaments ready to take wagers under a lockdown.

Roulette has many names
Whilst Lady Gaga mentions that ‘Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun’, nowadays, we do not play Roulette with a gun anymore; this name changed. Another term for Roulette is ‘The Devil’s Game’. The ancient tale of Francois Blac states that he had made a deal with the devil to be given all the secrets of Roulette. This is when Roulette tables worldwide started adding zeros to their roulette wheel, hoping gamblers would land more wins.

To date, nobody seems to have cracked the actual code to winning big at the Roulette wheel, yet the name ‘The Devil’s Game’ persists and will do so for the years to come.

Card counting is not a myth

If you are a Math lover, this one’s for you; blackjack is one of the most celebrated and played games in gambling. Punters love sitting at that table, tempting their luck to reach the lucky 21.

Many Hollywood blockbuster movies highlight the love for the game, with one of the most prominent being 21 starring Kevin Spacey. The film introduced us to the notion of counting cards with mathematical formulas to win, and believe it or not, it is not a myth. Before you go all in at the Blackjack table during the next gambling session, it would be wise to build your game strategy, and by learning how to count cards, you can literally win big!

You can finally gamble using cryptocurrencies
A few years back, you could only gamble online if you had a credit card or deposit money via your e-wallet with Skill, Neosurf, Bank Transfers, and Paypal. You would need to wait 3-5 days for your deposits and withdrawals to go through, and charges would never be waived. Today you can gamble using cryptocurrencies for that extra peace of mind when playing online.

You can stay anonymous, you will also have extra layers of security, and it is 100% legit. Visit online bookmakers and casino review sites to start gambling at the best online Bitcoin casinos for 2022.

Gambling is 24/7

You can do many things on a 24/7 basis, and one of them is gambling. Thanks to modern technology, online betting sites do not have a closing time. You only need an internet connection, money to deposit, and you are good to go. Either at 7 am, 1 pm, 6 am or 3 am, gambling sites are ready to take your wagers.

If you are busy and always on the go, mobile gaming is worth trying. Many gambling sites offer the facility of downloading a dedicated mobile application to your smartphone or tablet; boom, you can gamble even while you are on a boring Tinder date. Thanks to the joys of tech, one click on your mobile app, and you can play anytime from anywhere in the world.

The gambling world keeps enhancing
If you think gambling innovation is done, you are in for a big surprise since the gambling world keeps enhancing daily! Artificial Intelligence is already booming in gaming, with Virtual Reality taking massive steps to reach online gambling sites.

Live Casino lovers will also enjoy that live slot machines should land on our live casino content; we cannot wait! Today we talk about these enhancements for the future of igaming, but who knows what the future holds? In a year, we will discuss bigger enhancements; that’s how the gambling world continues to evolve!

Unknown Fun Facts About Gambling

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