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Live Dealer Casino Games Guide for Startups
Live dealer casinos are very profitable for online casinos. The game catalog is expanded with an infusion of games that bring the thrill and human experience back to online casino games. Take a look at our suggestions and see how live dealer casino games can help your online casino startup.

What is a Live Dealer Casino?
A live dealer casino is a variation of the online casino table game experience. Instead of playing at a virtual programmed table from the start, the dealer is standing at the casino table and live-streamed to your mobile phone or laptop.

A real human being is dealing with you, controlling the game and providing a friendly experience while you play through the power of live streaming. There are many forms of classic casino games like poker, blackjack, craps and roulette, as well as new additions to the casino.

new experience
Today’s technology can do many wonderful things. Wearables are informing the health industry, smart technology is revolutionizing the home, and games of all kinds are aiming for the most immersive experience possible.

The same is true for online casinos, and the next technological step in online casinos is obviously the live dealer casino. Whether you access the Live Dealer Casino from your mobile phone or fully immersed with a VR headset, you’ll be instantly transported to the casino. With a real casino, real dealers and real tables, players get the real casino experience.

This is a great way to elevate your iGaming brand over a variety of slot machine casinos and offer players more than their previous online casino experience.

social element
One thing online casinos lack is a sense of community. Online casinos are usually a solitary activity where you sit alone in front of a computer and play, but live dealer casinos offer players the opportunity to inject even more of the charm of real-world casinos. Casinos are part of the party scene, what would a party be without guests?

Live dealer casinos allow players to have people to play with because the live dealer plays with them, but they also have to think about other people at the table. If your game is advanced enough and has the right features, you can incorporate chat and livestreams to keep everyone at the table communicating.

Live dealer casinos are able to maintain their social side while playing online. It can effectively fill a gap in online casinos.

Unique experience every time
Live dealer casinos stream directly to players, so no game is the same, whether it’s poker, baccarat, or blackjack. In automated games, there is no element of human interaction, so the idea is that the progression of the game is predetermined.

Live dealer casinos add the human element to the thrill of not knowing what to expect. Players will enjoy the excitement of a real-life casino instead of the automatic experience they have experienced many times.

trust in the brand
Because online games are automated, you might think that online games such as claw machines will fail because they will lose customer trust and loyalty. Whether that’s true or not, live dealer games are a good way to restore trust from players. Nothing is programmed in front of the camera pointing at the dealer, so there is no room for tampering with the odds of winning. The win rate is on par with other land-based casinos.

There’s an industry-wide saying that ‘house always wins’, but in a capitalist, digital world, you can be a little cynical about your chances of winning. A live dealer casino can improve your brand loyalty and customer trust.

offer something else
The best online casinos offer variety first and foremost. That is why most online casinos boast on their homepages that they offer thousands of online slot machines and a wide variety of games. Live dealer casinos have many different game variations within the concept and offer yet another form of play to add to your catalog.

Your casino will definitely outperform others in a crowded market by using a live dealer casino.

Vivo Gaming Releases Live Dealer Casino Game Guide For Startups

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