Active base learning with 1 base is our identity.”

A play that breaks the mold always 꽁머니사이트 carries risks. It can be praised for its fresh and catchy surprise play, but if it fails, it is difficult to avoid criticism that it was reckless. This is even more so if you are not a player who usually shows quick and agile body movements.

The Lotte Giants will play Game 2 of the weekend series against the KIA Tigers at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 12th.

How should we judge Lotte Noh Jin-hyuk’s attempt to steal home with two outs and a full base the previous day.

Jung-hoon, who got on base with a walk after one out, made a surprise steal. This is his first steal of the year. Kim Min-seok’s ball was then deflected by KIA third baseman Kim Do-young’s glove, making it a timely hit.

The next batter, Noh Jin-hyuk, also made a hit with a surprise bunt to third base that caught the opponent’s shift off guard, and Lotte scored one more point due to Son Sung-bin’s timely hit and KIA defense’s mistake.

With Yoon Dong-hee’s strikeout and Ahn Chi-hong’s intentional four pitches, the bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning. At bat, foreign hitter Nico Goodrum was standing. At that time, Kim Tae-gun checked second baseman Son Sung-bin, who had a large lead.

In the meantime, Noh Jin-hyuk dug into the home plate. However, KIA Park Chan-ho’s response was quick, and the inning ended when he was out at home.

Lotte manager Larry Sutton said, “Roh Jin-hyuk’s lead was not bad (big). I saw the catcher throw to second base and ran home. “It’s a play aimed at a gap where the ball thrown to second base has to come home again,” he explained.

“The opponent’s defense did well.” It was two outs, and Goodrum’s recent batting was not very good. “Even if I took the risk, it was worth looking for additional points,” he added. He failed, but due to Sutton’s tendency, he scored on the “try” itself.

Regarding Noh Jin-hyuk’s bunt hit, which was suffering from a sluggish batting, he praised it as “a smart play that made good use of the situation like a veteran.”

He then said, “We created a valuable on-base by targeting loopholes in the opponent’s defense. Later (in the bottom of the eighth inning), the ball came out during the first safety squeeze attempt, and there was also a scene where he scored an RBI with a sacrifice fly. “The sense of hitting is improving little by little,” he stressed.

Lotte, ranked seventh, followed sixth-ranked KIA by one and a half games with a victory the previous day. The winning margin is -4 and 5th place Doosan Bears, which are four games apart.

Was it reckless? The 34-year-old shortstop’s surprise home run failed… The commander’s view was different [Busan Focus].

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