The Pittsburgh Pirates finally denied Choi Ji-man’s participation in the WBC (World Baseball Classic). Instead of Choi Ji-hoon, SSG Landers outfielder Choi Ji-hoon joins.

On the morning of the 6th (hereafter Korean time), the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) said, “Choi Ji-hoon will join the WBC team. It has been delivered,” he said officially.

The Pittsburgh club expressed its medical objection to the WBCI, citing Choi Ji-man’s surgical history. Accordingly, the WBCI held an injury review committee to deliberate on whether or not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate in the WBC, and as a result, the decision was made. According to the WBCI’s final judgment, SSG Choi Ji-hoon was selected as a substitute player by Cho Beom-hyeon, technical committee chairman of the WBC team, the technical committee, and national team coach Lee Kang-cheol. The national team has been preparing to select additional players from the entry stage in preparation for a situation where it is difficult for Choi Ji-man to join. The national team will submit the final 30-man entry to the WBCI on the 8th.

Choi Ji-man, an active major leaguer, expressed disappointment at this decision. As much as he sincerely wanted to be on the national team, his frustration is great. He has consistently expressed his strong will to participate in the WBC national team. This is the reason why the national team waited until the last moment, putting Choi Ji-man on the final list.

In fact, Choi Ji-man quickly digested his rehabilitation training in Korea after surgery and left for the United States earlier than usual. It was a move considering the WBC schedule.

However, the new environment, which has changed through transfers, held back. His new team, Pittsburgh, which is having trouble negotiating his salary, blocked him from participating in the WBC.

On the afternoon of the same day, Choi Ji-man expressed his frustration without filtering in a statement through his agency.

Choi Ji-man said, “Today, I received a final notification from the KBO that I cannot play for the WBC Korean national team. My team, Pittsburgh, expressed its objection to participating in the WBC due to my recent elbow surgery history, and the WBCI reviewed the injury based on this. They held a committee and finally made a decision not to allow us to participate in the WBC,” he explained the process he heard.

He expressed his disappointment, saying, “I don’t know how happy I was when I was included in the preliminary list for the WBC national team this time. However, because I had high expectations, the disappointment and frustration of the decision was also very great.” He continued, “Although he underwent elbow surgery, which the team was concerned about, he returned to the United States and was undergoing a normal rehabilitation process. Recently, there was no problem enough to proceed with live betting. Joining the national team scheduled for the middle of this month, as well as the first round schedule to be held in Tokyo I was improving my physical condition according to the schedule, so the disappointment I feel is so great and it hurts.”

Choi Ji-man said, “Even though my dream of joining the national team collapsed due to the influence of the surrounding environment against my will, if I am given another chance next time, I want to achieve my dream of becoming a national team member. If you do, I think there will be an opportunity to contribute to the country in a better way.” 메이저사이트

Choi Ji-man showed his will to play as a wild card in the Hangzhou Asian Games while he was in Tampa Bay. At the time, he said, “Every time I sign a contract with the team, I put in the contents of the international competition. I want to raise the status of Korean baseball by wearing the Taegeuk mark and regaining the glory of winning the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics.”

However, as the relationship with the team became sensitive, it became unclear whether or not to participate in the Asian Games held from the end of September to the beginning of October.

Although there was an issue with surgery, the situation prevented him from participating in the WBC, a pre-season competition hosted by the Major League Baseball Secretariat and the Players Association. It is unclear whether he will easily allow the selection of the Asian Games held during the season regardless of his physical condition. Choi Ji-man wanted to be selected for the Tokyo Olympic team, which was held during the 2021 season when he was in Tampa Bay, but it was ultimately canceled. It is expected that the key will be which special provisions are included in the salary negotiation process.

Apart from the problem with the team, the situation of the national team is also a variable. This is because the need to fill the three wild cards with seasoned catchers and pitchers will be more urgent than field fielders.

For Choi Ji-man, after contributing to the promotion of the national team by participating in the WBC, the natural procedure of wearing the Taegeuk mark once again as a wild card this fall was the best situation. Amidst the new environmental changes, the future has also become uncertain. At present, it is difficult to predict whether the Asian Games national team will be selected.

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