The Lakers could not deliver the news of the recruitment again. This is why many Lakers fans are disappointed. In a way, it is a clear club management philosophy, and in a way, it is stubbornness. It remains to be seen what consequences this choice will lead to. 카지노사이트

The Kyrie Irving drama ended with a trip to Dallas. The Dallas Mavericks announced on the 6th that they had signed Kyrie Irving in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney Smith, and one future first-round pick and two second-round picks.

Lakers fans who have been waiting for the news of the Irving trade should have sighed. The Lakers are only 25-29 and 13th in the West this season, and the main reason is that the point guards, including Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroeder, and Patrick Beverly, are producing less than expected.

If the Lakers were able to strike a trade for Westbrook and Irving, their strength could rise dramatically. From the clear storyline of LeBron James and Irving reunion, and the establishment of a new Big 3 leading to LeBron-Irving-Davis, we were able to aim for the playoffs more clearly.

Why did the Lakers lose again in the recruiting battle? Some local media outlets point out that Brooklyn executives did not tolerate sending Irving to his favorite destination, the Lakers.

But this cannot be the main reason. The NBA is strictly a business world, and Brooklyn and Lakers are located in different conferences, so there is no chance of a playoff clash except in the Finals. It feels bad, but it means that the trade would have been made if the Lakers proposed package had been the best deal.

More important than Irving’s preference issue was the Lakers’ trade package. The Lakers succeeded in making a trade for Rui Hachimura in this trade market, but no news of further signings has been heard. Every time a big star is released on the trade market, it is ranked as the number one recruiting candidate, but the result is the same each time.

According to a report by reporter Matt Moore of ‘Action Network’ on the 6th (Korean time), the reason why trades continue to fall apart like this is because of the clear philosophy of the Lakers management. The principle is that they do not use their draft picks. When the Lakers discuss the Buddy Hild-Miles Turner trade with Indiana, when discussing the trade to receive various assets from the Utah Jazz, when discussing the trade with the San Antonio Spurs, and when discussing the Brooklyn and Irving trade. Even during the discussion, it was pointed out that the trade was canceled after going in the direction of excluding their nomination rights as much as possible.

Teams that publicly participated in this Irving acquisition match include Phoenix, Clippers, and Dallas. All three teams except the Lakers included at least one future first-round pick. Unlike them, it is reported that the Lakers have been very passive in including the naming rights.

The Lakers are the club that LeBron James has been with in his later years. It is pointed out that more win-now-type movements must come out, and for this, it is necessary to take some future risks. Extremely conservative movements alone cannot escape the current position. This is why some point out that the club management’s philosophy can be stubborn. The Lakers also lost the recruiting battle.

Why did the Lakers lose again… There is a difference between stubbornness and operating philosophy

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