‘Carrot’s Future’ Lee Jung-hyun once again gave strength.

In the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball Suwon KT match at the Goyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 10th, Lee Jung-hyun played for 34 minutes and 08 seconds with 16 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, supporting the team’s victory.

Carrot, played by Lee Jung-hyun, beat Suwon KT 83-67 by adding Didoric Lawson (22 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists) and Jonathan Alledge (13 points). As a result, Carrot recorded 22 wins and 19 losses, maintaining 5th place, 3 games ahead of 6th place Jeonju KCC.

Lee Jung-hyun was included in the starting lineup and started the game. He left a decent record of 56% field goal success rate. His caustic ratio was even better. He threw 8 3-pointers, made 4 of them, and attempted only 1 2-pointer, converting them into points. 메이저놀이터

Also, any freebies obtained with two were converted into points. The five assists were also highly nutritious. All of them were passes from the match, and it was Carrot, who was able to overcome the crisis and win without difficulty, and Lee Jung-hyun, who played an active role in the center.

After the game, Lee Jung-hyun said, “I was inferior to KT with 1 win and 3 losses. I thought it was an important match in the round of 6 competition. It feels so good to win at home with a good game,” he said overall.

Regarding maintaining power in a series of internal conflicts, “I rarely feel tired in terms of basketball. He struggled when he lost five in a row. He turned it into a five-game winning streak. So he said, “I think he is competing for the 6th round.” He said, “Actually, he is not greatly disturbed by the internal conflict. He thinks more about the 6th round PO than that.”

The next topic is the story of director Kim Seung-gi’s wishes. After the game, coach Kim Seung-gi conveyed his disappointment (?) to Lee Jung-hyun.

Director Kim said, “There are too many situations where we are careless and missed. He has a lot of free time. The way to know is slow. It tells in detail quarter by quarter about how the game is run. If it seems to be going, it will fall, and if it seems to be going, it should not. The ups and downs are too severe. That’s the part I miss so much. You have to get rid of that ups and downs. Only then will a one-two punch come out. You can do well next year. Tim and Jung-hyeon hold the whip for themselves. That way you can grow. It doesn’t matter if I curse. You have to grow your players. It seems that you are also acknowledging it.” He gave a detailed story about Lee Jung-hyun.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “There is a confusing part. As the playing time increases and the number of roles increases, there are difficult times. In fact, it still is. It’s a process he has to go through to become a better player. he has to get over it When the time comes to admit it, I think he will become a better player in better shape.”

Subsequently, Lee Jung-hyun also told a story about Byun Jun-hyung, who had been harshly taught by director Kim before him, who mentioned him.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I saw it as a knight. He first learned from the director in Anyang. I can understand the part that I sympathize with or the heart. With two more seasons, he will be a better player. I receive a lot of emphasis throughout the karate (laughs). I want you to keep your energy for a lot of time. can’t do that I am working hard,” he said.

Lastly, on the story related to the national team, “National team is always a dream. He is focused on the season rather than being greedy. And he is not even something that can be done by my will. He is trying to look his best,” he concluded the interview.

Why did you mention Carrot Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Seung-gi and Byun Jun-hyung in ‘Chaos, Transition, Growth’?

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