Napoli started counting their first championship in 33 years.

Napoli won 4-0 against Torino in the 27th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022/23 season held at Olimpico di Torino on the 19th (Korean time).

While Napoli is one step closer to winning the league title for the first time in 33 years with this victory, the pursuers are competing for rankings.

First of all, Inter Milan, which maintained second place until this round, slowed down by losing 0-1 to Juventus in the 27th round of Serie A held on the 20th. Inter Milan was evaluated as one of the strong candidates for the championship ahead of this season, but it has shown ups and downs, such as being caught by a lower-ranking team, and eventually the gap with Napoli widened to 21 points.

In the meantime, Lazio, who won the Rome derby on the same day, rose to second place. Lazio pulled down Inter Milan with a 1-0 victory over ‘local rivals’ AS Roma. However, even with 3 points, the gap with Napoli is 19 points. With 11 league games left, Lazio is still looking at the distant mountains.

Napoli, which watched the rivalry of the second-place teams cross the river as if in disbelief, now entered the countdown to win. If only 14 points are obtained in the remaining games, Napoli can achieve a thrilling self-titled victory. 먹튀검증

Napoli fans are already ready to pop the champagne. According to local news, the Napoli fan shop has already released a commemorative shirt for the championship, and it is known that banners commemorating the championship can be seen easily throughout the city of Naples.

Attention is focusing on whether Napoli, which is about to win the league for the first time in 33 years, will be able to finish this winning race without any special variables.

‘Winning Countdown’ Napoli, how many points are left to win the title?

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