Behind a generous smile, a baptism of yellow cards awaits. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it was reported that referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz (46), who drew 18 yellow cards in just one game and drew attention, would retire at the end of this season.

Spanish radio media ‘El Partidazo de Cope’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Lahoz will put down the whistle at the end of this season.” “Lahoz also declined the offer of a video assistant referee (VAR),” he added.

According to the media, the referees could sign a contract for one more season to act as VAR referees, but it is known that Lahoz turned it down. He added that the Spanish refereeing body also judged that his refereeing cycle was over.

Lahoz, who started his career as a referee in Spanish La Liga in 2008, is notorious as a ‘yellow card master’ among domestic fans. Among soccer fans, there was also a joke that ‘he takes out a card generously to anyone’.

Lahoz’s most recent highlight was the match between Argentina and the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the match that went to the penalty shootout at the time, Lahoz took out 18 yellow cards and 1 red card. He presented cards to the coaching staff even after the game was over following 5 first half, 5 second half, and 5 overtime.

The official tally is 18, which is the largest number of warnings in a single match in World Cup history. The previous record was set in the round of 16 match between the Netherlands and Portugal at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. At the end of the scuffle, 16 yellow cards were issued, and 4 received red cards.

Famous players also trembled at Lahoz’s notoriety. Lionel Messi, who played in the 2022 World Cup match, said after the game, “I don’t think FIFA should appoint a referee like this.” 토스카지노

Apart from notoriety, Lahoz was named the best referee in La Liga in Spain in 2020-21. In the European Football Federation Champions League that season, he was well-received for his clean decision.

‘Yellow Card Master’ retires after Lahoz season… ‘Declining the VAR offer’

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